Saffron clusters or bunches
14 خرداد

Bunch or Dasteh Saffron

:Specifications and description

  • Crocin (color): 165 to 185

  • Picrocrocin (flavor): more than 70

  • Safranal (perfume): 20 to 50

  • Size: 40 to 70 mm

  1. Cluster saffron consists of three branches of saffron (stigma) with a complete white part (cream)

  2. The ratio of red (stigma) is higher than white (cream)

  3. Cluster saffron has all the properties of saffron together

  4. It has a very high perfume due to the presence of cream

    Cream does not have the power to color saffron, but it is the main cause of its pleasant aroma

  5. The price of clustered saffron is lower and cheaper than other types of saffron

  6. Cheating in this type of saffron is very low